YEVO 1 - Onyx Black

YEVO 1 - Onyx Black

YEVO 1 is a new generation of smart headphones without any wires for total freedom of movement. Engineered to musical perfection, cutting-edge technology and designed to be featherweight in a incomparable harmony of tech and style.

Wireless Hearables Smart Headphones

3 x Mics for Clear Calls & Voice Control

Control & Customize with the Android / iOS App

Digital Balanced Armature

NFMI Technology

Elegant & Lightweight Storage Case

Fully Customizable Touch Controls

Up to 20 h of Playtime with Charge Case

Audio Transparency Hear your Surroundings

Passive Noise Cancellation


The YEVO 1 is built with two dedicated amps driving high-precision balanced armature speakers. The result is an incredibly detailed sound with excellent mid and high-tones and a tight bass response all reproduced with minimal distortion. Designed for pro-audio in-ear applications.


YEVO 1 delivers a perfectly synchronized and wire-free HD sound experience. The YEVO 1 connects to your device with 4.1 Bluetooth and pairs with a technology called Near-Field Magnetic Induction, or NFMI. It’s been previously used mostly in hearing aids, uses a low-power magnetic field to transmit data, draws far less power than Bluetooth and sends music more secure. The YEVO 1 connects directly to your ears at a distance of up to 66 feet from any Bluetooth enabled device/phone/tablet.


The YEVO 1 doesn’t isolate you from the world. We are introducing audio transparency, a feature that allows you to remain connected to your surroundings by letting sound in or keeping it out. Activate the audio transparency mode near busy roads to hear traffic. With triple omni-directional microphones, one microphone allows you to take calls meanwhile the other two keeps listening to the surroundings and filter away noise and voices of people around you for perfect call quality.


YEVO 1 delivers a up to 20 hours of battery life with the elegant and slim charge and storage case. Battery time is approximate and depends on network configuration, signal strength, operating temperature, voice and data mix, and features selected. Listening time: 3-4h per and calling time: 3h per charge and with the charging case you have 4-5 charging extra charges on the go.


The YEVO 1 touch sensor technology allows you to manage the volume, take phone calls, control your music, activate audio transparency, access Siri and Google Assistant and much more with just a tap.


Designed in our Stockholm studio the YEVO 1 earbud is inspired by faceted precious metals and smooth shapes with the determination to deliver advanced technology in a sleek and sophisticated way.


Charge on the go with the beautifully designed, elegant and lightweight (80 grams) storage case. With the YEVO 1 wireless portable charging case you will never misplace your headphones or run out of battery. YEVO 1 weighs only 8 grams and is designed to fit securely and comfortably in your ear, giving you the unlimited freedom of movement that you deserve. YEVO 1 comes with 6 different ear tips for the perfect fit.


To get out the most out of your YEVO 1 True Wireless headphones we have created the YEVO App fully packed with valuable features. Available for iOS and Android.


In the box

6 Sizes Ear tips (S, M, L)

2 YEVO 1 Headphones (L, R)

1 Storage and Charge Case

Detailed Instruction Manual

Earphone Battery

Battery Capacity (mAh): 60 mAh

Listening time: 3-4 h

Calling time: 3 h

Charge to 80%: 1h

Charge to 100%: 1.5h

Case battery

Battery Capacity (mAh): 600 mAh

Number of earphone charges: 4-5 charging cycles

Charge case to 80%: 1.5 h

Charge case to 100%: 2 h


Audio Codec: SBC

Driver Type: Balanced Armature

Frequency Range: 20 Hz - 20kHz

Speaker Sensitivity: 96 ±3dB

Impedance: 32Ω±15%


Mic Type: Omnidirectional, with CVC noise cancellation

Quantity: 3

Audio Transparency: Yes

Dimensions & Weight

Headphone: 8 grams per earphone

Charging Case Weight: 55 grams

Earphone Weight: 10.4g

Charge and Storage Case dimensions: 24.2mm (L) x 27.7 mm (W) x 101.5mm (H)


Sweat and weather resistant design

Bluetooth specs

Bluetooth: 4.1

Bluetooth Profile: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP

Wireless Range: 10m / 30ft

Earphone paring communication: NFMI (Near Field Magnetic Induction Communication) for minimized latency

Phone App

EQ: Customize sound the way you want it

Bass boost: Activate to enhance the low end frequencies

Balance: Control the volume between the left and right earbud

Audio Transparency: Control the level of audio transparency

Touch Sensors: Control and edit the touch sensors for a more personal experience

Battery levels: Monitor how much battery life you have in each earbud

Available for iOS and Android. App not required for use.